Best Example of Institution Registration Certificate



Institution Registration Certificate
Place: National Sport Council, Dhaka, Bangladesh

            This is to certify in this regard that, Association of Shotokan Karate Do Bangladesh has been registered in address: 34/1, Satish Sarker Road, Gendaria, Dhaka-1204. This serial No 0174, Date: 14-01-2013

We wish success of this organization.

S/D Illegible

Md. Abdul Jalil
S/D Illegible

Hasan Uj Jaman Moni
General Secretary

Affiliated Body of National Sports Council & Ministry of Sports, Government of the People Republic of Bangladesh.

Best Example of Arrest Warrant

Bangladesh Form No-3905
High Court Criminal Process Form No-12
Arrest Warrant

(Criminal Procedures appeared in rule 75)
Reference: Munshiganj Thana Case No- 32(1)15, Date: 1-01-2015 AD
G.R No- 32/2015, S.T.C Case No-99/2016
            (1) Officials those will operate this arrest warrant or his/their name, designation: Officer-in-Charge, Munshiganj Sadar Thana, and District: Munshignaj.
            Saidul Islam, Father: Abdul Khalek, Village: Adhara, Thana: Munshiganj Sadar, District: Munshiganj.
            (2) He/she Who will describe the crime: an allegation according to rule 03 of explosive instruments act against defendant Saidul Islam in this court. At present, this case is under trial in honorable district and sessions judge 1st court. Now you are directed that, arresting defendant Saidul Islam you will present in this court without any delay or fault.


S/D Illegible
Date: 12-07-2016
Joint District and Sessions Court 1st Court, Munshiganj

Corrected after matching

S/D Illegible
Comparing copy division

S/D illegible
Attested same copy

Administrative Official
District Judge Court, MUnshiganj
According to 76 rule of 1st court of 1872.

Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Chatradal
Munshiganj District Unit, Munshiganj
Date: 30/11/16

To whom it may concern
This is to certify that, Saidul Islam,Father: Abdul Khalek, Village: Adhara, Thana: Munshiganj Sadar, District: Munshiganj is known to me. He is involved with Bangladesh Jatitabadi Chatradal politics, founder following ideal of martyr President Ziaur Rahman, directed by Ex Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia. He in 2004 joined with Bangladesh Jatitabadi Chatradal, Adhara Union unit. Because of political and organizational activities being victim of Awami terrorist’s attack and false case became forced to stay in abroad.
I wish his overall success.

S/D Illegible

Date: 30/11/16

M.A, LL.B (Advocate)
District Judge Court, Munshiganj

Date: 30/11/16

Letter of information:

            I being appointed advocate on behalf of you accordingly for your kind information that, against you 02-03-2014 Ad filed case Munshiganj Sadar Thana Case No- 1(3)14 on 03-03-2014 honorable court alleged you and considered you as criminal according to rule 03 of Explosive Substances Act along with143/325/332/353/427 of Bangladesh penal Code. At present the case is under trial Honorable Senior Judicial Magistrate 1 No Cognizance Court. Honorable Court alleged you on 12-01-2015 in Munshiganj Thana Case No- 32(1)15 filed on 11-01-2015 and you were considered as criminal in rule 03 of Explosive Substances Act along with 143/325/332/353/427 of Bangladesh penal Code. Now the case is under trial in Honorable Additional Sessions Judge, Session Case No- 316/16. Subsequently against you S.T.C case which No 99/2016 is under trial in honorable joint district and session judge 1st court, Munshiganj. Accepting charge sheet the honorable court issued arrest warrant against you. Due to having arrest warrant against you police and RAB force continued drive at your house for arresting you. In this situation, I suggest you not to return in home.

Considering above mentioned matters it can say that there is no life security for you in here. The present situation of Bangladesh is worst. So, I think it’s better for you to stay out of the boundary of Bangladesh until the situation comes into favor.   


S/D Illegible

Initial Information Details
Spot: At behind road of Abul Member house, Adhara village, Adhara Union, Munshiganh Thana. Around 08 Kilometer south-east angle from Thana. Mouja No-71, Ward No-02, UP No-IX
Brief Details: The crime of leaving into injury being organized illegally with sharp weapons firing and left into death, looting and vandalizing and throwing cocktail.


            I beg most respectfully state, I Abul Member filing statement in this regard that, defendants (1) Tara Mia, (2) Suruj Mia (3) Rafique Mia (4) Hanifa, Thana and District: Munshiganj, following influence in locality which has been continued for years on 10/01/2015 at evening 4.00 as per pre-plan all defendants together being organized with cocktail, Tamda, Chinese Ax, Chopper, iron rod, Cutting rifle and pistol at behind road of Adhara Abul Member’s house 1 No defendant commanded the gang that, cut and kill with revolver the party men of Abul Member and Delowar. Being commanded 2 No defendant through Cut Rifle bearing in his hand aiming to kill fired. Its bullet hit Md. Sabuj Ali, Father: Ali Akbar, Village: Adhara (Nephew of plaintiff) fell down on land. The defendants assuring the death of Sabuj through joys throwing cocktail, these hit Rojina Begum, Husband: Chabed Ali and Abbas, Father: Amir Hamza and left them into severe injury. Then all defendant carrying out attack in houses of party people of plaintiff Abul Member and Delwar Dewan and vandalizing, looting ruined around 10 Lacs Taka. Hearing the incident Munshiganj Thana police as came the spot, the defendant throwing cocktails went towards Bakultala. I rushed the Sabuj, Rojina and Abbas to Munshiganj Sadar Hospital for treatment, arranged treatment for them, that’s why some delay to file case at Thana.
Therefore, you are requested humbly to consider the statement regarding the incident.
Yours Sincerely

S/D Illegible
Abul Member, Father: Late Mafij Mia
Village: Adhara
Thana and District: Munshiganj

Initial Information Details

Initial Information regarding crime mentioned in 154 No rule of Criminal Procedure submitted at Thana.
Distance from spot and Thana and area under Thana:
Vangar intersection of Sipahipara Dighirpar under Munshiganj Thana. Around 12 Kilometer south. Mouja NO-07, UP No- IV (Bajrajogini).
Considering plaintiff’s written allegation as main statement attached with it.
Name and address of informer and plaintiff: Abu Taher, Hatimara Investigation Center, Munshiganj.
Brief description of crime with rules and looted substances: The crime of being organized illegally creating fear hindering government duty, vandalizing vehicles and exploding cocktail according to 143/325/427/penal code along with 3 No rule of Explosive Substances Act.
Explanation of information recording in delay and activities during investigation: Receiving typed allegation of plaintiff filing this case made note in Khotian. The causes of delay are mentioned at statement. Munshiganj Thana Inspector will arrange investigation of the case.
Case Result: The honorable court will determine the case result. Written statement of plaintiff is recorded in bellow.
(Note: Signature or Tip signature of informer must have at under of information).
Subject: Statement
            I beg most respectfully state that, I S,I Abu Taher and Companion Constable/166 Sadul islam, Village: Hatimara Police Investigation Center, Munshiganj and held defendant Abul Kalam and seized explosive cocktail parts being present at Thana filing written statement at Thana in this regard that, centering 19-party including BNP convened Hartal program on 01/03/2014 Hatimara Police Investigation Area GD No-126 at morning 05.30 minutes being engaged on duty at Hatimara Police Investigation Center aiming to protect law and order with my companion force have been informed in secret source Bojrajogini Union B,N,P President Md. Tota Mia led some leaders and activists blocking road at Vangarmor named place at Dighirpar hindering movement of vehicles were vandalizing. On basis of this news I along with companion force on 01/03/2014 at around 7.25 at Vangarmor named place reached and requested the BNP leaders to leave the place. But BNP leaders denying police request threw cocktail, bricks etc towards police. I in association of companion force chased them to make disarray and arrested above mentioned 3, their name, addresses were found in questioning. At the place present defendant along with more flew. I seizing exploded cocktail parts from spot kept into custody. Defendant (1) Md. Tota Mia (60), Chairman, Bojrajogini Union (2) Mostofa (3) Mizan Khan, Thana and District of all is Munshiganj along with more unknown being organized illegally blocking road hindering police duty, vandalizing vehicles and exploding cocktail conducted crime according to 3 rule of Explosive Substances Act along with 143/325/332/427 penal code. Subsequently centering Hartal at Hatimara Investigation Center area finishing law and order duty being present at Thana filed statement.
            Therefore, you are requested humbly to file regular case against held defendant along with absconding in said rule regarding above and arrange investigation.

Charge Sheet

Column No 1: Honorable Court will determine trial date
Column 2: 3 No rule of Explosive Substances Act 1908.
Column 3: Defendants are supervision of who and on bail or bond:
Due to on absconding 1-8 No defendant among defendants application was placed for issuing W/P. Arresting 9-85 No defendants were handed over to honorable court. 77 defendants at first from Honorable high court and later from honorable Magistrate Court, Munshiganj took bail.
Column 4. Evidence:
1.     Some parts of cocktail which was wrapped into Tin pot and there was smell of powder and bullet rest part of pistol.
2.     A round old T-shirt which torn by Dom.
3.     A printing Lungi
4.     A green color half pant which is torn by Dom. Evidence according to shipment sent to court.
Column 5. Summon issued to all witnesses.
Column 6. Name of allegation and information of crime along with brief description of incident and was allged in act rules.
Brief description of this case statement is that,
Following domination of local influence centering pre dispute on 10/01/2015 at evening   defendants named in statement being organized with cocktail, Tamda, Chinese Ax, Chopper, iron rod, Cutting rifle and pistol adjacent plaintiff’s house being commanded by1 No defendant carried out attack with cocktail and fired, these hit Md. Sabuj Ali, man of plaintiff, died. Hit by cocktail, Rojina Begum and Abbas received severe injury. Then all defendant carried out attack in houses of party people of plaintiff parties and vandalizing, looting ruined around 10 Lacs Taka. Hearing the incident Munshiganj Thana police as came the spot, the defendant left spot. I rushed the Sabuj, Rojina and Abbas to Munshiganj Sadar Hospital for treatment, arranged treatment for them, that’s why some delay to file case at Thana. On basis of plaintiff’s written statement, Officer-in-Charge of the Thana according to direction of authority I take the investigation charge.
            Taking investigation charge of the case going in surveillance drew a draft map table of P/O visiting P/O.  Autopsy report of dead body of Sabuj prepared by S,I Sultan took and reviewed. Questioning plaintiff and respondents recorded statement of witnesses according to penal code’s 161 rule. Then I reviewed M,C of injured Abbas and Rojina. Seized evidence. Tried to recover arms used in the incident. Arrested 9 No defendant as suspected and questioned. During trying to arrest other defendants they took bail for 4 months from honorable court. All defendants being present at honorable Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Munshiganj sought bail.
They being present in Honorable Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Munshiganj, took bail. Then I studied about the case explicitly and implicitly. It is found during investigation, centering Up election this case’s P/O Adhara Up adjacent Mollakandi UP two chairman candidates Mr. Ripon Patowari and Shah Alom Mallik became engaged in organized clash in different time and Adhara Up locality specially Solarchar, Bakultala and Adhara village people being divided into two sheltered to Ripon Patowari and Shah Alam Mallik. Adhara Up ex chairman’s supporter Tara Mia Member (1 No) and Suruj Mia (2 No) led One group by Sha Alam Mallik plaintiff Abul Member and witness Alauddin led another party helped to Ripon Patowari. As Mollakandi Up won, his supporter spread influence at Solarchar, Adhara area and on opposite party people, that’s why they started to live another place leaving home. After a week of election, house left Tara Mia as went home, a clash was happened between Emran @ Ansur and him. Late in mediation of Officer-in-Charge led newly elected Chairman Sohrab Saheb before both parties renowned people returned home left people in home. Adhara Abul Mia Member from Solarchar with Ansu (Emran) centering voting secretly or not voting to Adhara Up chairman candidate (Defeated) aiming to establish stable peace in Adhara village convened by Delu Company before all walks of people from the village on 10/01/2015 on the eve of Jumma prayer sit at peace meeting. The meeting sits after Jumma further in mediation of renowned people for coordinating peacefully of both parties of the village being consent took Quran pledge and at evening 4.00 towards south side together all on the way of eating tea and biscuit at Bakultala Bus Stand 10 No defendant in front of Jahangir Mijhir house reached, his son defendant Babul Sarkar with his companion defendant Saful Islam, Selim Miji, Nayan Miji and Khabir Miji Gong scolding the plaintiff commuter strated beating Liton MIji happened turmoil between two parties at one stage 3 No and 4 No column mentioned from 1 No to 85 defendants being organized with Ramda, Chinese Ax, Coctail etc. carried out attack on plaintiff party and were throwing cocktail explosion and firing. Defendant Abul Member and Suruj Miji bearing arms started firing. Hit by Suruj Miji, plaintiff’s distance relative nephew Sabuj being bullet hit died on the way of hospital. Rojina and Abbas received cocktail hit injury. During incident there was no found any evidence on 1 No defendant’s body, on 10/01/2015 at morning 1-8 No C,S included defendant made secret discussion, all defendants are influencer in his supported area, it is found. Against 1 No defendant according to penal code 109 No rule and against others defendants according to penal code rule 302 along with 143/147/148/149/323/326/306 rules with 3 No rule of Explosive Substances Act being appeared primary true taking final opinion for appearing defendants mentioned at 3 and 4 No column against them Munshiganj Thana statement No 69(Ka)/16, date 11/04/2016, rule 3 of Explosive Substances Act submitted.
Result was informed the plaintiff. Witnesses will prove the incident. There was no found another proof.
1.     I checking village crime of penalty received persons (Note Book) Register and investigating other matters fully surely prove that, allegation against defendants or absconding have been proved initially.
The case against 1 No defendant, Munshiganj Thana Case No- 1(3)14, Rule-143/325/332/353 penal code with rule 3 of Explosive Substances Act.

Submitted by

S/D Illegible
Md.Mojibur Rahman
Inspector (Investigation) Munshiganj


The Best Example of About appointment in officer post (General Side) on basis of efficiency

Gulshan Avenue,
Gulshan, Dhaka-1212

Subject: About appointment in officer post (General Side) on basis of efficiency.  

I beg most respectfully state that I Md. Delowar Hossain has been informed, there are a few number vacancy post (General Side) under you. So I am as an interested candidate for placing application for the post presented my necessary information and educational skill along with all documents in the bellow.
1.     Name
2.     Father’s Name
3.     Mother’s Name
4.     Own District
5.     Present Address

6.     Permanent Address

7.     Date of Birth
: Md. Delowar Hossain
: Md. Nurul Huda
: Late Rezia Begum
: Noakhali
: Ga-24/A, Shahjadpur, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212
: Village: Sirajpur, Post: Sirajpur, Upazila: Companyganj, District: Noakhali
: 01/01/1987

8.     Educational Efficiency
Examination Name
Passing Year
Gained Division/CGPA
2.50 (Scale 5.00)
Business Management (BM)
3.08 (Scale 5.00)
B.B.S (Honors)
National University
2nd Division
National University
2nd Division

9.     Nationality
: Bangladeshi
10.  Religion
: Islam
11.  Marital Situation
: Married
12.  Experience
: Accountant, Shah cement Industries Ltd. (Abul Khair Group of Company), from January to present.

Therefore, considering above mentioned matters, I request to the sir humbly for appointing me in the post.
1.     Recently picked 2 copies passport size colored photo
2.     Photocopy of original certificate of educational skill.
3.     Photocopy of national ID card.

Signature of Candidate


The Best Example of Application for issuing New Eligibility Certificate


Ministry of Justice, Japanese Government

Subject: Application for issuing New Eligibility Certificate

Respected Sir,

I would like to inform you that I am Farzana Akter Kakoly, Bangladeshi Passport No: BM0887804. On 26th March to 5th July last I suffered from eye disease. I took medical treatment for my affected eye at Bangladesh Eye Hospital in Dhaka. Now I am alright. I couldn’t do any work. I was too much sick, that’s why I couldn’t submit my all papers in Japanese embassy in Dhaka. But I really want to go your Country to see my husband.

Therefore, I will be grateful to you for eternal if you give me new Eligibility Certificate.  

Yours Sincerely

(Farzana Akter Kakoly)

Best Example of Application

“Firoja” Learned: Magistrate: 07 No Amoli Court
Mokam Comilla’s ……………………………………………………Court
C.R- 382/15 AD ………………………………………………..Plaintiff/Applicant/State/Appellate
Case No………………………………………………………………………………Respondent/Opponent/Defendant/Respondent

1. Md. Harun
Father: Late Lal Mia
Village: Nurpur
P.O: Iliatganj
P.S: Chandina
District: Comilla


1. Md. Nasir Uddin, Father: Rafiq Mia
2. Shah Kamal, Father: Nurul Islam
3. Monir Hossain, Father: Rafiq Uddin
4. Salah Uddin, Father: Morshed Alam
5. Nesar Uddin, Father: Abdur Rob
6. Sarowar Hossain, Father: Rofiq Mia
7. Rafiq, Father: Late Altaf Ali
8. Murshid, Father: Late Karam Ali
9. Shahjalal, Father: Late Johor Ali

General Secretary:
District Lawyer Samiti
Published from Comilla and all right is preserved
M.R.P- 12.00
Advocates Clerk
License No………………….
Serial No 181851

10. AL Amin, Father: Ershad Mia
Along with unknown more 7/8
Village of all: Nurpur, P.O: Iliatganj, P.S: Chandina
District: Comilla.
Name and Addresses of Witnesses:
1. Billal Hossain, Father: Badsha Mia
2. Abdul Barek, Father: Late Kala Miah
3. Mostofa, Father: Late Tamij Uddin
4. Robiul Haque, Father: Ansor Ali
5. Humayun, Father: Late Fajlur Rahman
6. Eunus, Father: Late Abu Musa
Village of all: Nurpur, P.O: Iliatganj, P.S: Chandina
District: Comilla.
7. Safiul Haque, Saiful, Father: Late Haji Abdus Sobhan
Village: Bobbaria, PS: Chandina, District: Comilla.
8. Mrs. Salma, Husband: Billal Hossain
Village: Nurpur, P.O: Iliatganj, P.S: Chandina
District: Comilla.
9. Bacchu Miah Muhuri, Father: Late Taleb Ali
Village: Anuakhola, P.S: Daudakandi, District: Comilla

10. Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan, MBBS
Medical Officer, Upazila Health Complex, Chandina, Comilla
11. Dr. Md. Abul Kalam Azad Khan, MBBS
Residential Medical Officer, Upazila Health Complex, Chandina, Comilla

Day, date, time and event:
On 17/04/15 AD on Friday night around 8.00 incident on yard of plaintiff.

I beg most respectfully state that,
The plaintiff is a rustic, innocent, law abiding typed person. On the other hand the respondents are very naughty, riot loved, conflict prone, extreme greedy, oppressor, denier the law. Plaintiff and respondent are resident of same home. The plaintiff is paternal cousin of victim Billal Hossain. Between 1 No witness victim and respondents a discord regarding land has been continued. Following the discord between 1 No witness and respondents centering land in one more times in presence of renowned persons of locality efforts of resolving the discord has been taken.

On the incident day, date, time and place saying further arbitration all respondents according to pre-plan in association unknown respondents being decorated with native arms coming in house of plaintiff’s paternal cousin, 1 No witness victim attacked on 1 No witness and family members. 2 No Defendant by stick bearing on his hand 1 No witness (Victim) hitting fallen on floor. 1 No respondent instantly sitting on chest of 1 No witness with two hands gripping throat was trying to kill. 1 No witness removing hand applying strength pushing 1 No respondent got life. 4 No respondent with chopper bearing on hand aiming to kill 1 No witness (Victim) aim towards head hit, which hit on right shoulder and left into bloody injury. 3 No respondent took 15,000/= (fifteen thousand) Taka from pocket of 1 No witness. 1 No respondent took cash 70,000/= (Seventy thousand) Taka of motorcycle sale from 7 No witness’s pocket. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 No respondents slapping and kicking randomly the 1 No, 2 No and 4 No witnesses create blue swelling spot in different place of body and respondents as were hitting randomly the people sitting in arbitration witnesses and other people came at spot, all respondents flew from the spot.
Hearing above mentioned respondent and 1 No witness (Victim) and witnesses adjacent people and villagers as came forward, all respondents giving death threat flew the spot rapidly.
Subsequently plaintiff and 1 No witness and others witnesses reaching Chandina Upazila Health Complex got treatment. The medical certificate is given.
The defendants are very influential. On the other hand plaintiff and 1 No witness (Victim) are poor and helpless, that’s why being failed in coming in settlement due to respondents there became late to file case. Witnesses are existed of the incident. Justice Seeker.

Rule: 143/323/307/380/379/506 penal code.

End 22/4/15

1. Duplicate copy of medical certificate given by hospital.